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What is Soccer Picks Club?

@Soccer_Winners on Twitter Results

I've been betting on sports for well over 20 years and have been handicapping for about 10 years.

I got really into data models in my handicapping a few years ago and found that soccer really sets up well for what I do. In the last few years, I've stopped handicapping all other sports and focus 100% on European and North American soccer.

So many handicappers charge hundreds of dollars each month or season which can really cut into profits (or add to losses) for the average sports bettor. We offer all our plays for a $100 lifetime membership! Beyond that, members will send us tips (usually a small percentage of their winnings) if we have a good month and make them money. That way, it's based on your profits and only when you win!

To join or inquire, please DM us @Soccer_Winners on Twitter or email


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