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Honored to be on The Bettor Life podcast!

The Bettor Life Episode 176

We were honored when Tim from The Bettor Life reached out to us to join him for an episode of his weekly podcast! The Bettor Life does an excellent job profiling people from all aspects of gambling and really focuses on the lifestyle, hence the name The Bettor Life.

Our interview took us across a wide range of topics:

  • Our first exposure to gambling

  • What got us into sports betting

  • How we think about modeling sports for handicapping

  • Our philosophy on finding sport-specific experts

  • Why we chose our business model at SoccerPicksClub

I hope you will give it a listen by clicking the link above and subscribe / follow The Bettor Life while you're there!

There are a few sections we think are especially valuable for anyone in the sports betting world. Whether you're new to the market or a seasoned veteran, we think you'll find some value in the discussion.

Around 20:50 we talk about how to know you have a model that's working

This is a critical topic for anyone trying to originate sports betting picks. It may seem obvious but there's a couple key pieces of information you look for in order to know you're onto something. Listen to find the most important one, which is actually a leading indicator of your long-term success!

Around 34:25 we talk about the SoccerPicksClub business model and why we chose it

Tim asks a great question that we understand since there is a lot of mixed thoughts on if people should pay for picks. We feel our service is truly unique and a lot of what folks would warn you against is why we were built with a lifetime fee structure so that a recurring fee doesn't continue to eat away at your ROI over time! I hope you'll find these thoughts valuable when you give a listen.

Around 39:15 we talk about how often we evaluate changes to the prediction model

It's important to be thinking about things all the time. We believe in the continuous improvement cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Adjust. Find out by listening just how often we might make changes and the one major one we made last fall that could lead to a +30 unit per year increase in our results!

We hope you give it a listen. Whether you end up interested in joining us or not, it should make you a better sports bettor! We are here to help the sports gambling community get smarter and create more long-term winners. Thanks for being a small part of my journey and Best of Luck in yours!

See you at the cashier's window!

To inquire about joining SPC's VIP picks service for just $50, please contact us at one of the methods below.

Nate - SoccerPicksClub

Twitter @Soccer_Winners

Instagram @soccerpicksclub


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