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How does each bet win or lose?

Some people are visual learners. I know I am. Today's blog will focus on a couple charts we recently created to help people fully grasp the important Asian Handicap & Asian Totals that we can bet in soccer.

We've talked extensively about these types of bets in previous blogs but today we will keep it short and sweet and share a cheat sheet we created that helps you identify when a bet wins, loses or pushes.

The above image is from the cheat sheet we created that can be accessed by anyone for free using google sheets. This first chart focuses on how each spread bet wins, loses or pushes in soccer.

Let's start with a common one, the PK or Draw, No Bet. You can find this bet in the middle of the chart. When we bet the PK or Draw, No Bet line, we win the bet if our team wins the game. We loses the bet if our team loses the game. We push the bet if the game ends in a draw (hence the name draw, no bet).

Moving up the chart we have +0.25 spread. As you can see this bet is a combination bet. Half of our bet will be on the PK / Draw, No Bet just discussed, and the other half will be on +0.5. How do we win, lose or push the +0.5 part of this bet? We win it if our team wins or draws. We lose it if our team loses. We can't push this bet.

So the +0.25 is half our bet on PK and half on +0.5. So if we bet $100 on +0.25, we have $50 each on PK and +0.5. That's it. That simple. So if we bet +0.25 how do we win our bet?

  • We win the entire bet if our team wins.

Because on both halves of the bet a win for our team wins the bet.

  • We win half the bet and push half the bet if our team draws.

Because on the +0.5 a draw is a win, on the PK a draw is a push.

  • We lose the entire bet if our team loses.

Because on both halves of the bet a loss for our team loses the bet.

I hope you'll find this cheat sheet useful and you can come back to it over and over as needed to help you really learn how these bets work!

We've created the same tool for Overs and Unders also. It's on the 2nd tab of the same Google Sheet. Here's the image below:

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