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Looking back on the first year and a half of SPC

Breaking down our SPC results as the European season comes to a close

After a few finals later this week, the action in Europe will be on break now for a couple months. The MLS and USL Championship will stay in full swing until Mexico and Europe return in late July / early August. This gives us a great opportunity to spend a little time today focused on our results.

What an excellent first 17 months it's been for us since we built our website and went public on Twitter! We have experimented with a lot of different leagues over that time. We've now begun to narrow it down to those that give our model the best results as well as those in which our members enjoy watching and betting. We will continue our process of continuous improvement by checking and adjusting. But we feel great about the leagues we are playing consistently moving forward.

There's not a lot of services out there that wouldn't take an overall 54.5% win percentage on average -110 plays. And in calendar year 2022, since a few small tweaks we are winning 56.1% over a fairly significant sample size of 770+ plays.

Here's a look at the results for our first 17 months across the leagues we are regularly playing:


Bundesliga - 61.1% wins, with a 71% stretch from August '21 through Feb '22

Mexico Liga MX - 59.1% wins, 13.5% ROI

USL Championship - 58% wins, 12.5% ROI

England (All 4 tiers) - 57.6% wins, 8.6% ROI

Serie A - 57.6% wins, +15.9 units on the '21-'22 season


La Liga - 48.2% wins, -2.4% ROI; We began our first season very good in Spain but struggled in the '21-'22 season at -10.5 units

MLS - 51.6% wins, -1.9% ROI; Strong results since hitting our low water mark in July '21. +15 units since then; +5.6 early in the '22 season

UCL/UEL - 51.6% wins, -5.8 units; '21-'22 saw us down a little in both competitions. A few larger priced losses were mostly to blame

Bundesliga 2 - Finished poorly between March-May '22 to finish at a small loss.

You could argue that some of these leagues on their own or packaged into groups of 2-3 could create their own subscription service. We know plenty of handicappers out there who do it this way, but we are committed to our business model of giving all of the picks for one low lifetime fee. Beyond that, our VIP members will commit to tipping us a percentage of their monthly profits in lieu of a monthly or annual fee. This allows for all bankroll sizes to join in the profits and fun and equalizes the playing field. Our lifetime membership fee remains at $50 through June 30. Based on demand and continued success, it will be rising to $100 effective July 1. If you've been thinking of joining us, now is the best time!

Our goal is to finish the '22-'23 season with each main league we play in the 'Green'.

It won't be easy, but we will do this recap again in 1 year and see how we are doing towards that goal!

See you at the cashier's window!

* If you are interested in joining SoccerPicksClub VIP picks service, please contact us at one of the methods below!

Nate - SoccerPicksClub

Twitter: @Soccer_Winners

Instagram: @soccerpicksclub


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