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Soccer betting experts offer a winning edge

Handicappers that specialize in a sport can focus on the details, providing edges that those who play many sports often cannot.

We take a lot of pride in our expertise with soccer betting and modeling. We actively cover more than 20 club and international leagues and competitions across Europe and North America. Soccer betting isn't just a part of what we do... it's all of what we do.

As college basketball winds down and NBA and NHL head into the playoffs, the menu of sports to bet on for some will begin to dwindle. That's when it's not uncommon to begin to see handicappers who usually focus their attention elsewhere to start throwing up picks for the top soccer leagues. This isn't to say that those folks can't win at soccer, obviously they can, but do they really understand the nuances of the competitions?

Recently we saw an example of this in the Champions League. Man City had absolutely drubbed Sporting Lisbon in the first leg of their Round of 16 knockout match. The second leg was a home match for City and it was a slow sports day. We saw handicappers coming out of the wood-work with plays on Man City, Man City Team Total Over, Man City to win to nil, you name it, they were playing it. I mean they had just won 5-0 in Portugal, surely this was free money! We gave out the Under 3.5 total goals to our #VIP members and cruised to a 0-0 result. One of our easiest unders of all time.

Was Man City the better team? Of course they were! Could they have won this match? Of course they could have, but they had absolutely no motivation to do so as they already led by such a huge margin to advance. Instead, they rotated some key players to rest them for a congested schedule of games in the Premier League, their domestic cup competitions and the Champions League.

We certainly don't always get it right. Heck, that very same day we lost our other play! But that's not the point. The point is that a dedicated, sport-specific specialist understands every angle of the game. They don't just look at the L5 or L10 match results and make a play.

We personally bet other sports than soccer. But we find handicappers we trust and respect that focus on their best sports also. This is how we build a great sports betting portfolio, and how you can too!

See you at the window!

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Nate - SoccerPicksClub

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